Meet Theo

I believe in Lean Growth and Entrepreneurship. Innovation is the key to solving problems and continual learning geared at skill development is my identified route to personal and professional growth.


By pulling from niche experiences in Digital Business development, e-commerce, community building, Event Management and marketing; I work collaboratively with entrepreneurs to:

b. Create value

c. Maximize growth

d. Improve business performance


I present a vast knowledge base with experience in:

a. Diversity rich working environments

b. Moving projects from idea to working concept (The entrepreneur's path)

c. Team Management tools and their implementation

d. Event Management

e. Brand Management & Communications Strategy

f. Digital Transformation


As a business consultant, my primary objectives are to:

  1. Solve growth issues
  2. Create value
  3. Maximize growth
  4. Improve business performance


I love to hear ideas on new Entrepreneurship endeavors as well as giving helpful insights on brand strategy. I am connected to a vast network of professionals with deep expertise. 

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